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Forum Rules [EN]

Post by xEngine on Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:00 pm

Warnings table:
- 3 warnings? 5 days ban
- 4 warnings? 10 days ban
- 5 warnings? 30 days ban
- 6 warnings? perm ban

Your personal data will be kept safe here. The only exception is fraud. Don't scam other forum members.

We shall not tolerate any fraud attempt or any other information relating to online/banking fraud (Skimming, CC, Orange, Craiglist, Okazii, e-mail spiders). That also includes PM. Your personal information will be given to the police if they ask for it.

1. You will get a warning or ban for: offtopic, double post, useless post, post reviving, flaming, retarded topic name, already posted information, IRC-style grammar, avatar larger than 120x120px, signature larger than 600x100px, refferer links, animated gifs in signature.

2. Don't take the credit for other's work. If you copy a tutorial from another site/forum/blog, name the source.

3. Advertising: Don't post links to other security/hacking links. We don't care if they are yours or not. You have a special category for this (Bloguri si Bloggeri) - post only if you have a minimum of 50 posts.

4. Some categories have special rules. Check for the stickies before posting. The category Cereri has a minimum of 10 posts, Ajutor (Help) - 10 postsm Bloguri si Bloggeri (Blogs and Bloggers) - 50 posts.

5. Every hacktool / utility / program must have a description written in Romanian or English. Try to post links to the oficial website for these kink of programs. The only exception is if the website is down / slow download etc.

6. Post (or at least try) any other member personal data and you will get a permanent ban.

7. Don't ask for VIP / Moderator.

8. Don't try to sell/buy/give Yahoo XSS (even on PM/chat). Punishment is perm ban.

9. If you feel a post is not following these rules, report it. Beware, don't abuse the report option.

10. New users don't have the right to organize raids / mass actions.

11. If someone from RST hurt you in any way don't try to threaten us with the police. The best way is to contact an administrator or the person who fucked you.

12. An administrator / moderator has the right to ban everyone (for any reason)on the forum if he thinks so. Don't give stupid replies to warning messages, because you will get a ban.

13. Don't warn any other user about not following the rules. Report the post.

We are not responsible for any retarded action you do, even if a user from RST told you to do so or you followed a tutorial/link from the forum.

If you feel an you got an unfair warning / ban contact an administrator. Don't waste our time, you will get a ban.


How to get along with us?

Read the forum before making your first post. 90% of the banned users have less than 10 posts.

Don't waste our time with cheap / old stuff. Don't flame. Don't ass-lick administrators.

If you are a girl / have a girl like nickname you will get 1241214 PM from users asking for your picture. Deal with it.



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